Devotional thought

Isn’t it great when we renew a room in our house?  My son-in-law just “renewed” my upstairs bathroom.  He gutted it and replaced everything from the floor up.  It’s so modern and fresh.  God’s Word is like that.  When we read it prayerfully, it transforms us; it energizes us.  Sometimes we get our thoughts mixed up.  The Word of God divides between our soul and spirit.  He makes us new again with right thinking.  Accusatory thoughts against God (Why did you let this happen, God?), or against ourselves (How awful can you be?) or others (they did this or that) are dissolved. God’s purpose for us becomes clear again.  His laws and wishes come through.  Our purpose for living drives us in a new and positive direction.

In this busy holiday season, take time to get “renewed” each day.  Everything will go MUCH better in every way.