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Blog — July 23

In my devotional readings today from Live Dead Joy, the author wrote, “The cost of being God’s spokesperson is as high as the privilege is sweet.” And while the devotion was referring to Jeremiah, the same is true for any of God’s messengers – whether it was Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, […]

Blog — April 21

This Psalm is one of six Psalms written by King David known as the “Creation Psalms,” because they focus on what God has created and what this reveals about its creator. Psalms like this are beautiful to read and meditate on. But some have read Psalms like this with their statements like, “The heavens declare the glory […]

Blog — January 21

God’s Promises – Genesis 28:10-29:14 God called me and my wife to serve in missions about 25 years ago in a miraculous way. Each of us, separately but on the same weekend, heard very clearly from the Lord about our future working in a Muslim land. What is even more miraculous is that it happened […]