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Blog — August 13

Ezra 1:1-2:2 and 2:64-70 often bring up the subject of the sovereignty of God. God had a specific plan for the Jews who had been exiled to Babylon, 70 years prior to this date. He had given Jeremiah a very specific prophecy stating that after these exact years, He would bring the exiles back to […]

Blog — August 11

Daniel’s bravery led to an international declaration that his God was the living God. Darius was a Mede and was subservient to Cyrus the Great and was only over Babylon. He is not to be confused with Darius, the King of the Persian Empire, of whom we read about later on in Ezra 4. The […]

Blog — August 7

Ezekiel, in his lifetime, saw a vision of the glory of the LORD departing from the Temple [Ezekiel 10] and a vision of the future return of the glory of the LORD to the Temple [Ezekiel 43]. Why now, around 573 BC?  The return of the exiles will not take place for over thirty years […]

Blog — August 5

There is an old saying, “Don’t kick a man when he is down.”  The thought behind this actually is demonstrated throughout the Scripture as something God looks down on.  When God is disciplining a nation, He has a specific beginning and ending in mind.  When there is “overkill,” God is not happy.  He also loves […]

Blog — July 21

Destiny: choice or fate?  This is a big question in life.  Do we have choices that steer our destiny or does fate dictate it?  Some would say we have 100% power to rule our destiny and some say we have very little.  Buddha says that   if we follow the Noble Eight-fold Path, it will eventually […]

Blog — July 15

This is a phrase we have heard and probably used ourselves many times.  We first heard it in Esther when Uncle Mordecai spoke them to his niece.  He expected her to put her life on the line to save the entire Jewish people.  In a sense, God gave the same mandate to Jeremiah.  In the […]

Blog — June 12

Today’s readings bring out a very strong message: humble yourself and you will get God’s positive attention. Even though King Rehoboam had many sinful tendencies, he finally humbled himself before God [II Chronicles 12:6, 7]. As a result, God routed Rehoboam’s enemies. His son Abijah also humbled himself before God, recognizing no human effort would […]

Blog — June 11

The Northern Tribes of Israel refused to serve God and deliberately chose the gods of the surrounding nations.  After giving 200 years of warnings, God finally brought judgment. Why did God take so long?  If you compare this passage with Deuteronomy 28, you see that God takes His time. Why do you think He sends […]

Blog — June 3

Often times we hear statements from people about God such as, “everything happens for a reason,” or “God is in control,” or “God is sovereign so it is all in His plan.” Those statements make it seem as if God wants people to get drunk and get behind the wheel of a car and kill […]

Blog — May 4

If only…..   I am sure David had lots of those. If only he had obeyed the mandate given about marrying foreign wives [Deuteronomy 7:3-4] he would not have married an exotic Syrian princess who went on to bear Tamar and Absalom. If only he had obeyed the mandate to kings not to marry multiple wives […]