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Blog — September 3

What are your emotions when you think of the “Christmas Story?” Most people think of joy, peace, and happiness. There are many reasons to have these emotions. The birth of a child, for example, brings great joy and happiness to the parents, family and friends. The birth of Jesus means that the Savior of the […]

Blog — June 15

Asa, the son of Abijah, had a desire to serve God and be loyal to Him just as his father did. During this time, many of the other tribes of Israel were not serving the Lord. Asa continued much of his father’s religious reform after his death. Asa took away the altars of the strange […]

Blog — April 24

King David’s victories over these small kingdoms surrounding Israel can provide insight into our daily walk with Jesus. The kingdoms that King David defeated were small city-like states that constantly tormented the Israelites (in the past, present and future). These small kingdoms represent what Christians perceive as smaller sins (listening to immoral music, gossiping, swearing, […]