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King David’s victories over these small kingdoms surrounding Israel can provide insight into our daily walk with Jesus. The kingdoms that King David defeated were small city-like states that constantly tormented the Israelites (in the past, present and future). These small kingdoms represent what Christians perceive as smaller sins (listening to immoral music, gossiping, swearing, etc.) that we let creep into our life slowly.  If these sins are not defeated, they will torment our relationship with God in the present and future.  Most people focus on the perceived bigger sins such as murder, adultery, stealing to name a few (if I am not committing these sins than I should be okay, right?), but it is the perceived smaller sins that slowly creep into your life and will disrupt and possibly terminate your relationship with God. These perceived smaller sins sometimes lead to the bigger sins. Notice how this passage doesn’t discuss the “super-countries” of the day such as Egypt, Rome or Assyria, as these countries represent perceived bigger sin. Next, to defeat the small kingdoms, King David had to rely and be aligned with God just as we need to turn all our sins over to Jesus and ask Him for His help to destroy sin (our enemies) in our life. Finally, after King David defeated his enemies with God’s help, he gave all the glory and praise to God as what he accomplished was only possible with God’s help.

Today’s challenge is to notice all the little sins in your life: maybe it’s a TV show that you watch, music you listen to or conversations you have with others. Identify these and ask God for His help in defeating them in your life. Satan creeps into our life slowly over time, so we must be guarded against the perceived smaller sin (small kingdoms). Once God has helped you defeat the sin (enemies) in your life, remember to give him the glory and praise.

Kevin Zoeller

Sunday School Teacher at Trinity Chapel

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  1. Joyce Lascoe
    Joyce Lascoe says:

    Oh Kevin! You hit the nail on the head today. Just as David pushed back the borders and had peace, when we push back our borders in the areas you mentioned, we have peace. Such a great practical blog.

  2. Kevin Zoeller
    Kevin Zoeller says:

    It is amazing to me how God provided this devotional reflection to me over 6 months ago and how it aligned with Pastor’s sermon this weekend. He is amazing! Praise God!


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