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This Psalm intrigues me for so many reasons.  David’s passionate desire for forgiveness is astounding.  This is no light-hearted prayer said in a few fleeting moments in a public setting, but rather a prayer from deep within an anguished heart birthed out of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. I am additionally intrigued by the thoughtfulness with which David prays. He prays with a complete awareness both of His own sin as well as of that of his Heavenly Father’s character.  David’s prayer shows the depth of personal relationship and scriptural instruction within his life. David’s faith in God’s desire to show grace is impressive. These aspects, astounding as they may be, are trumpeted by one thing: God’s Grace.  This is nearly unbelievable to the human mind.  David lied, deceived, lusted, committed adultery, recruited others to sin with him, betrayed a loyal friend, murdered, covered-up and on goes the list, yet God’s grace wipes it away in a single prayer. We learn much about having a heart like David in this Psalm, but that would not matter one bit if we did not have a Savior like JESUS! God’s grace is great!

All this leads me to wonder about the following:

  • When was the last time our repentance was as heartfelt as David’s?
  • How long has it been since the Spirit’s convicting power stopped you in your tracks?
  • Are we praying prayers that are equally aware of our sin and our Savior’s nature?
  • Do we really accept the complete forgiveness afforded to us by the cross?
  • Will we both believe and fully accept God’s grace and continuing redemption in our lives?

I love the message of grace for all of us in this Psalm. I believe understanding His glorious grace was what drove David to his knees in this prayer of repentance. Great grace compels passionate repentance.

Scott Brown

Lead Pastor at Trinity Chapel AG
Scott Brown

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  1. Rebecca Steyn
    Rebecca Steyn says:

    I love where you said “We learn much about having a heart like David’s in this Psalm, but that would not matter one bit if we did not have a savior like Jesus.”

    good word pastor!!!!
    (also Im going to Have “Create in me a clean heart” stuck in my head all day)


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