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“Teach me Thy way, ‘O Lord, and I will walk in Thy truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear Thy name!’”(Psalm 86:11).

We who are gloriously born of the Holy Spirit of God are also genetically confirmed, card-carrying descendants of Adam.  The Spirit enables us to live godly lives, but our tendency to do so is sporadic.  While our spirit is often willing, the flesh remains weak.  Two natures in one body can make for an exhausting struggle, but we are not alone.

The burden of the divided heart is common in scripture; Paul said in Romans 7:18, “I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.”  Even Peter contradicted his claim that he would never forsake Jesus, denying Him three times.

Most Christians even embrace our corruption, give up the battle and let the old nature win.  But there is a wiser way, and it is by the power of the Holy Spirit, not of ourselves.  We will never be completely delivered from the fight until we are in heaven, but victory is possible.  God said in 1 Kings 14:8, “My servant David who did what I told him and lived from his undivided heart, pleasing Me.”

Many Psalms reveal David’s view of God and demonstrate why he was “a man after God’s heart.”  He is the Omnipotent Creator, Omniscient God, Omnipresent Spirit, Loving God, Faithful and Righteous God.  David was not a perfect man, but he had a beautiful and true view of God, which affected his own heart.

You can have an undivided heart like David; ask for it daily!  Be aware of all that would compete for the throne of God in your heart and take your attention off of it, whatever it is.  Put your attention on the breathtaking beauty of God.  Be captivated by God alone.  If your heart is immersed in God, sin will have no room to thrive!  The heart reflects the real person!

Rocky Zinser

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  1. Rocky Zinser
    Rocky Zinser says:

    I just got back from a two week Global Youth Initiative summit in Israel, which is a Disciple Making Youth movement. There were 160 men and women that represented 53 countries there. I heard some amazing God stories of how some of these men and women came to Christ. One man name (James) Sai Ruma who lives in Yangon, Myanmar, where Buddhism is the state religion. He was there when Cyclone Nargis hit in May 2008 and over 134,000 people were killed. He was swimming for his life when his town was flooded with water and as he was swimming he saw the statue of Buddha floating next to him down the waters. He thought that if Buddha couldn’t survive that there had to be another God. Within the next month he found Christ, went to a Bible College, started a church and since then has started 5 other churches in Myanmar. He is on fire for Christ and has a passion to lead his city to Christ! It reminded me of Psalm 86:8; No pagan god is like You, O Lord. None can do what You do. Hallelujah!

    • Beau Henderson
      Beau Henderson says:

      Wow, Rocky! Awesome story, thanks for sharing.
      & indeed, Lord, none can do what You do – help me live my life in obedience to that revelation!


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