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Sennacherib, the King of Assyria, depending on his formidable army, laid siege to the fortified towns, giving orders for his army to break through their walls. He also attacked Jerusalem. This made Hezekiah take some actions that might make it difficult for Sennacherib to achieve his aim. All those efforts of Hezekiah were to no avail as Sennacherib threatened the land to destroy it. He made a wrong generalization. He believed that since the gods of other nations could not deliver their people from him the God of Israel would also not be able to deliver His people. Hezekiah, however, assured the people of Israel to disregard the mightiness of Sennacherib’s army, and rather consider that the God of Israel is mighty to save. Hezekiah the king and Isaiah the prophet prayed to God, and the Lord delivered His people and disgraced Sennacherib.

Even though Hezekiah put some efforts in place to resist Sennacherib (strengthened himself, built up the broken walls, and raised up the towers), he did not put his confidence in those things. Rather, his confidence was in the God of Israel for their deliverance. As a wise king, he partnered with the prophet of God and called on the Lord.

Hezekiah had learned over the years to depend on God and call on Him in any difficult situation. This helped him to believe that the God of Israel would still hear his prayers and heal him of his sickness. Even though the message came from a well-known prophet of God, he turned to God and recounted how he had walked faithfully with God. The Lord heard his prayer and healed him and added fifteen years to his life.

However serious or hopeless a situation may seem, the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails so much. When we are obedient to God and walk in His statutes, He demonstrates His love and will not leave us or forsake us in the day of adversity. If you call upon Him today, and put your confidence in Him, not in your own efforts, He will answer and fill your mouth with songs of praise to Him.

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  1. Joyce Lascoe
    Joyce Lascoe says:

    Yes Brother Jeremiah, God is waiting for us to call and believe. Another prophet, Hanani, told a king, “The eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.” (II Chronicles 16:9)


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