“How to Pray Big for Your Child”

Check out this online article:  How to Pray Big for Your Child.

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  1. robinboggs
    robinboggs says:

    I had a similar experience in 7th grade. I was scared to go to school and when we started walking off Russell Hts., I would always turn around and go home. I told my sister I did not feel well. I was not quite as bad as this girl in the story, and it did not last nearly as long. My mom and dad prayed with me and also took me to our dear family doctor. I know that prayer helped me and I am so thankful for praying parents. This is something I have never shared with anyone!

    Also, I recently read, Praying Circles Around Your Children, by Mark Batterson. He mentioned a scripture that he prayed over his children. I have started praying this over my 4 grandchildren, and my brother and sister’s grandchildren. I repeat it over each one and add their name. He said to make sure God hears your children’s names every day! The scripture is Luke 2:52. Jesus grew in wisdon and stature and in fabor with God and man. I put my grandchildren’s names in, I pray that Kendall grows in wisdon and stature and in favor with God and Man. I repeat this for my 4 grandchildren, and for 6 great nieces and nephews. I believe this prayer with all my heart.


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