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There are several spiritual disciplines in the Christian faith.  The word “discipline” is not only used in the sense of punishment, but also defined as a training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.  Fasting is one of those disciplines of the Christian faith which helps us to correct, mold, or perfect aspects of our lives.

Let this day be one of spiritual self-examination.  As we fast, pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal one area that needs correction, one area that needs to be molded into Christ’s image, and one area that we could perfect in our walk with Christ.  Ephesians 6:12 gives us good reasons to do this:  “For we wrestle (a bitter struggle; intense conflict) not against flesh and blood, but against (face-to-face) principalities (top group of spirits who have held their lofty positions of power and authority since ancient times), powers (delegated authority to carry out all manner of evil and wickedness, rulers of the darkness of the world (raw power that has been harnessed and put into some kind of order- disciplined order).”

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  1. rachelo
    rachelo says:

    Discipline- wish I could say that I have been the perfect little Christian, but alas I struggle with this from time to time (ok so my yoyo is down more than up!) In my case it is pure selfishness. Wanting to just do my own thing. But God calls us to a higher calling, a deeper walk, a disciplined life.

    When I let my guard down the enemy of my soul attacks- we must always be on guard and “Fight the Good Fight” as Paul tells us to do. God really does amazing things when we just settle ourselves and follow God’s lead.


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