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I once read an author that implored Christians to develop a “backbone like a crowbar,” and you know, there is something about that imagery that really resonates with me.  Can I tell you, Church, we live in an age and time of pronounced ungodliness… but this is not a circumstance that is new to the lover of God.

Daniel and his friends were carried off from their home into a foreign land, a land replete with all manner of idol worship and temptation.  Yet, Daniel “resolved not to defile himself” while living amongst the Babylonians [cf. Daniel 1:8].  He was uncompromising in his spiritual values and convictions even if it meant death.  Now that is a backbone like a crowbar!  Daniel and his friends determined to stay faithful to God knowing that God would prove faithful to them.  God did. God does. God always will.

You and I, we need to develop backbones like crowbars so that we might live uncompromising lifestyles.  Let your time of prayer and fasting be heart-and-mind preparation for you to stay true to God.  And then stand firm as God proves true to you.

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