Prayer Focus

Change.  As a church family we’ve experienced a lot of it over the last few months.  We’ve added a service time and made a shift in our approach to serving in ministries.  We’ve also been blessed, week after week, to welcome guests many choosing to continue in worship with us.

Change has many facets – change may be intentional or accidental; change can be anticipated or unexpected; change can come as a result of disaster or a result of boon; change can generate fear or change can produce blessing.  As we devote our hearts to the Lord in prayer today, I challenge you to focus on this last facet of change: fear versus blessing.  There is an adage that states “the only constant in life is change,” as followers of Jesus Christ we must be able to respond to this “constant” with attitudes and with actions that produce blessing.

I once read a quote that stated something to this effect, “Prayer may not change things for you, but it sure changes you for things.”   Maybe personally, you or your family is dealing with change, or maybe you’ve just come through some changes, or maybe that change still sits on the horizon.  Whatever the change in your life may be and however it may look, instead of praying for God to change things according to your will, ask that God would use change to change you according to His will.  For in His will is perfect blessing!

In His grip,

Pastor Beau

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