Engage Discussion Questions for September 23

  1. How well do you live out Philippians 2:14-15?
  2. What does James 4:1 tell us about our attitude and our need for greater reliance on the Holy Spirit? About our tendency to focus on escaping a problem rather than finding God’s purpose within it?
  3. What miracle accompanies these baptisms [Act 2:4, 10:44-46, 19:6]? Why is the tongue significant in Pentecost [James 3]?
  4. Read Romans 8:26 and discuss its implications as a group.
  5. How does 1 Timothy 6:6 relate to our trust in God and affect our attitude as we wait on God?
  6. Discuss this statement: “The prerequisite to every miracle is a problem.” How might recognizing this help our daily walk in Christ?
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