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Share Your Salvation Story

Your salvation testimony is highly valuable to God as a tool He can use to help advance His Kingdom in the lives of the unsaved. After his deliverance of the legion of demons, the Gadarene demoniac naturally wanted to stay with Jesus. Rather than grant his desire, Jesus told him: “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” Jesus commissioned this man to go back home and become his community’s first Christian missionary, and all God asked him to do was share his testimony. You and I have the same commission in our sphere of influence.

Psalm 96:3 and Revelation 12:11 are two biblical references that clearly indicate that God uses our Jesus-glorifying testimonies to help advance the Kingdom of God on this planet.

Testifying is probably the most natural and in many cases the most effective means of witnessing for Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit has given the church. We should look for opportunities to testify.  

Salvation testimonies especially validate the work of God in one’s life. Testimonies are evidence that God is alive and well on planet Earth, working unceasingly in the lives of those who purpose to mean business with God. 

Skillful communicators always try to tell a true story (TESTIMONY) to accentuate or reinforce important points they are trying to make. Why? 

  • To try to paint a vivid word picture in the mind of the hearer or reader, and to try to reinforce fact. 
  • To touch the emotions by addressing deep, unmet needs in a person’s life.  As you share how God has met many of your deep needs, it gives HOPE to others with like need/s. 




Give details of your life before you became serious about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What type of environment were you raised in? What were your beliefs about God? What were your struggles with God? What were your beliefs about the Bible?

What did the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross mean to you? What was your understanding of this incredible sacrifice for your sins?

DURING – (The Salvation Process):

Your number one purpose for testifying is to give Jesus Christ glory (heart-felt thanks and showing appreciation) for what He has done in your life and to advance the Kingdom of God (help win souls to Jesus Christ). In so doing, you honor and glorify the Father as well as the Holy Spirit. Describe the circumstances in detail that caused you to get serious about turning your life over to Jesus Christ.

Most people’s actions spring out of their unsatisfied, deep inner needs. What were the unsatisfied, deep inner need(s) that you had that the Holy Spirit used to draw you to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? 

Here are some examples of deep, inner needs:

Lack of peace                                                         Fear of death/hell

Something missing – void in your life                     No meaning to life

Loneliness                                                              Lack of security

Poverty                                                                   Lack of purpose

Longing to be loved                                                Longing to be unconditionally accepted

No real friends                                                        Alcohol or chemical dependencies

No motivation                                                         Eating disorders

Guilt from sin – needing forgiveness                      Boredom with religion

Hopelessness – prison                                           Demonic activity in your life

Need of deliverance/healing                                   Hunger to know God better

Feelings that God betrayed you


Share how your relationship with Jesus Christ has changed you. Why are you excited about your relationship with Christ now? Give the details! 



If you write your testimony, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit about interweaving scripture into your testimony. Use a Bible translation that is easy to understand. Remember, God promises that His Word will “not come back to Him void” (See: Isaiah 55:11). 

It is usually better to write a testimony that you think is too long rather than one that is too brief. Take time to share miraculous events that have happened after you got saved, as well as before you got saved.  



The most effective testimony in reaching the unsaved is not sharing a list of your “spiritual accomplishments.” People searching for spiritual answers want to know how God became real and alive in your life, and the positive changes that God has done in your life. 

Sharing painful trials you have gone through and how God brought you through them and what you learned through those trials can add an additional anointing of God on your testimony. 

Try to use words that the unsaved comprehend the easiest.  Stay away from using “religious” words as best as you can. Being transparent – being real – being humble and appreciative and thankful gives God the very best quality testimony you could possibly give Him to touch the lives of others.

Share your testimony with passion. Share it in humility, yet with excitement! Are you in love with God? Tell the world about it!