February 7th Sermon Recording

How To Be Brave: Separation

Pastor Beau Henderson

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4 replies
  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    God calls His people to be holy as He is holy. When people separate from things of this world, they are able to renew their minds in Christ. Creating time to worship God requires people to separate from their busy schedule and fleshly desires.

    • Beau Henderson
      Beau Henderson says:

      Tim, good word. Thanks for watching/listening and especially taking the time to comment.
      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Pastor Jonathan’s sermon from yesterday – you make a special appearance in it!
      God bless you!
      In His Grip,
      Pastor Beau

      • Tim
        Tim says:

        I appreciated watching Jonathan’s sermon from yesterday because of how God moved people closer to Himself. Our story is special in many ways because we haven’t stop caring for each other. To find a true friend in life is like finding a needle in a haystack. Jonathan is one in a million.

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