TC Nursery
Growing infants and toddlers in Christ

Welcome to TC Nursery, a safe and loving environment for the smallest members of Trinity Chapel. Focusing on newborns through two-year-olds, TC Nursery recognizes the importance of these early years when the first impressions of the “church,” the body of Christ, are being formed.

TC Nursery is offered every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening during regular church services. The following guidelines, policies and procedures have been put in place to make the nursery a positive experience for both parents and children

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 1.  Ages for nursery:

Infant Nursery: Birth to walking.  A nursing room is also available and is located in the infant room.

Toddler Nursery: Walkers to 36 months may attend nursery on Sunday mornings.  Children up to 47 months may attend Wednesday nights.

2. Each child will be signed in at the main desk and must have a sticker completed with their full information placed on their back before entering the children’s area. Parents will be contacted if their child:

a. has been crying for an extended period of time and cannot be soothed;
b. is sick or hurt; or
c. is behaving uncontrollably.

3. Cubbies are available for each child who regularly attends TC Nursery.  Parents are asked to provide diapers, a labeled sippy cup or bottle, change of clothes, small wipes container and anything else a child may need to be comfortable.

4. All nursery volunteers have completed background checks and references on file.  

5. Two nursery volunteers will always be on staff when the nursery is open.  Volunteers will not take children out of the nursery, except in case of emergency.

6.  No adult is authorized to be in the nursery unless they are scheduled for the nursery during that service time.

7. Nursery volunteers may not administer medication.

8.  For safety purposes, the bathroom door will always be left open when assisting a child in the bathroom or during diaper changes.

9. When picking up a child, parents must present nursery volunteers with the sheet obtained at sign in.

10. Please be considerate of other families and do not bring a sick child to nursery.  Children must be diarrhea and fever-free for 24 hours with fever reducing medication before they return to the nursery.

Thank you for giving the TC Nursery the opportunity to share God’s love with your child!

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For more information or to become a nursery volunteer, please contact Amy Green, nursery coordinator at (502)425-1636.