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Our sanctuary will be open for prayer on Thursday, May 1, 8 am – 3 pm.  Come and go at your convenience.


Prayer topics

GOVERNMENT (1 Tim. 2:1-4; Rom. 13:1, Jer. 29:7; Daniel 9:18-19; 1 Pet. 2:13-20)

a) Ask forgiveness for sins against the government and the leadership.  Ask God to make our lips to bless and pray instead of curse and criticize [Acts 23:3-5].

b) Let’s pray for God to restore our leaders to Himself and to the fear of God.

c) Ask that the fear of God would open them to wisdom, discernment and good decision-making/policies.

d) Ask God to annul policies and laws that do not exalt Him and to remove individuals and groups that work against His cause.

e) Ask God to give strength to our leaders and to protect them and their families.


THE CHURCH (Matt. 16:18; Col. 2:6-8; John 17:21-23)

a) Pray for the churches of God, as diverse as they are, to be united in promoting God’s word and  holy values and to stop attacking one another.

b) Pray that God’s people be filled with the knowledge of God’s will and that ONLY His will prevails.

c) Pray for the Church to allow the Holy Spirit control to move in the church.  Let the presence of the Holy Spirit bring a mighty awakening and revival in the body of Christ.

d) Pray for fruitfulness.  Churches are scanty; the streets and bars are full of people.  Ask God to put a burden for soul-winning in the hearts of members of the body of Christ.


MILITARY (Romans 5:1-5; Romans 13:1-5)

a) Ask God to strengthen the men and women who serve our nation and that the leadership of our armed forces be inspired and led by God as they ensure peace in our nation and the world.

b) Pray for families of serving military persons, that God fills every crack of loneliness and is for each person and family what they lack by the absence of their loved ones who are serving.

c) Pray for God’s protection against their enemies and that God would expose false friends and allies and protect the nation’s military from evil men and women.


FAMILY (Ex. 10:24-26; Gen. 18:19; Matthew 19:14)

a) Ask God to keep our families in the center of His will.  May our knees get strength in prayer, our oils burn bright and that each family will reflect Christ and His sacrifice for our souls’ salvation.

b) Ask God to bind each home with love chords that cannot be broken by the enemy.  Pray that love will be the over-riding virtue in each home – love for husband, wife, children, fathers and mothers.

c) Command God’s protection upon the children, against false values and models.  Claim Jesus as the model and example for each child, young person and adult in each home.

d) Ask God to mend broken relationships and that those who hurt from such to receive healing; pray that partners in each relationship will know and do what is scripturally and morally right to create happiness for each other.

e) Pray that holy living will flow from our families, out into the larger church (the body of Christ).


EDUCATION (Daniel 1:3-8; Proverbs 2:3-6; Psalm 1:1-2)

a) Pray for God’s presence to be enthroned once again in our nation’s educational system.

b) Pray for a restoration of the learning culture in the lives of young and adult learners that all would allow technology to take its proper, godly place in the learning environment.  Ask God that the young people would make the most of the positive influences of technology in the educational  sector.

c) Pray that the spirit of renaissance that helped the founding fathers give us the nation we have   today will return to our places of learning.

d) Pray that young people will let God define them, instead of their peers or movies and musicians.

e) Pray for godly men and women to take over the administration of the educational sector.


MEDIA (Phil. 4:8; Proverbs 8:10-11)

a) Pray for Christian influence upon every aspect of the media and that investors in our movies,     television, radio, newspaper and magazine publishing industries will have the fear of God.

b) Pray for God to raise wealthy Christian business people to invest and influence the media.

c) Pray that God would limit the work of His enemies in the media.


BUSINESS (Ex. 31:3-4; 1 Chr. 29:11; Philemon; Psalm 46:1-5; Deut. 8:18)

a) Ask God to prosper the nation’s business ventures by giving them more creative ideas.

b) Ask God to bring back prosperity to the nation – a prosperity based on godly values.

c) Pray that God would open more business opportunities to entrepreneurs and to prosper the    markets (housing, stocks, bonds, etc.) that are the indices of growth of the American economy.

d) Pray that Christians in business would have the courage to project Christ in business and that God would prosper their businesses and raise up more godly business people.

e) Ask God to “send now prosperity” upon America [Psalms 118:25].